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Public Hearing 1/23/24- American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Funds Use

Link to Public Hearing event information

The Town of Ulysses was allocated 1,947 in funding from the American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA).
(Please note that as the Village of Trumansburg received their own allocation, funds will likely be spent in the town outside of the village).

General usage guidelines & links:
  • Per Federal requirements, funds need to be obligated by 12/31/24, and spent by 12/31/26
    • Funds are considered 'obligated' when an executed contract is in place. The Town's procurement policy and standard contract-making procedures require timeline and scheduling considerations for a fully executed contract- some municipal contracts require months of lead time due to legal requirements. The amount of lead time is dependent on the nature of the contract—for instance, whether bids are required, service vs. purchase contracts, etc.
  • US Treasury home page for ARPA information:
  • U.S. Department of Treasury phone number for ARPA questions:  844-529-9527
  • From the Town Attorney, Nate VanWhy:
    "Regarding use of ARPA funds, the town elected to use the standard allowance for revenue loss. ARPA funds, when the town has elected to use the standard allowance, can be used for any general governmental purpose other than specifically disallowed costs. 
    There is no exhaustive list of what the federal government considers a general governmental purpose. The intent here was that revenue loss affected governmental initiatives. This allowance was intended to make it easy for the vast majority of municipal governments to easily navigate the ARPA reporting mechanisms, and allow them to otherwise move forward with operations."
  • Town of Ulysses ARPA funds planning sheet
  • Town of Ulysses ARPA ideas rating matrix