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Contractor Sought: Facilities Manager

The Town of Ulysses is seeking a contracted, experienced facilities manager to oversee a variety of facility improvement and maintenance work at the Town Hall (located at 10 Elm Street in Trumansburg), as well as to provide guidance on developing policies and management plans to improve the functionality of Town facilities.

This is a part-time contracted role with a flexible schedule to be paid hourly at a negotiated rate.

The role of this contracted position will include management of various projects with adherence to Town procurement policy and state law, including DOL prevailing wage requirements as applicable. Training will be provided as needed.

In addition to an existing list of projects to be completed in 2023, the duties of this role will also include identification and prioritization of other current needs.

Additionally, this role will identify discrete maintenance tasks associated with the Town Hall facility systems including HVAC, EV charging station, solar panels, fire alarm system, security system, etc.

Additional deliverables for this role could include the creation of a Town Hall maintenance standard operating procedure document and support grant funding applications pertaining to facilities.

Questions regarding this opportunity should be directed to:

Deadline for submission of interest is February 27th.

Submission of interest should include relevant qualifications.